Throttle control reverse

In case you are used to having the throttle stick (e.g. P2) in the full throttle position nearer to you, it is necessary to reverse the operation of the throttle function...

How to set the smoothest possible operation of servos

In case you installed fast digital servos into your model and you feel that their operation with DC/DS transmitters is not smooth, solution of this problem is described in this article.

Helicopter: Pitch Pump Mix

For dynamic changes in 3D aerobatic maneuvers it is sometimes useful to take advnatage of so called pitch pump. When the position of controllers changes very fast, this change is recognized and pitch deflection increases for a short time according to it. E.g. maneuvers of tic toc type get higher accuracy and dynamics this way.

Connecting satellite receiver Rsat2 in Clone Mode

In case you use a satellite receiver with DC/DS-16 transmitter in Clone mode and you want to set up the alarm on loss of the signal from the satellite, it is necessary to adjust several parameters in both the transmitter and the receiver.

Format of Timers sound notification

Format of  Timers sound notification
DC-16 and DS-16 transmitters enable to create many timers or stopwatches. For these timers and stopwatches sound alarms are frequently convenient (e.g. audible countdown before expiration of specified time or current reporting every minute)..

Personal WAV audio files

Personal WAV audio files
DC-16 and DS-16 transmitters support a possibility of assigning personal user sounds to arbitrary events. Here are some recommendations that should be followed.

Directory structure of the transmitter SD card (SW 2.01)

Directory structure of the transmitter SD card (SW 2.01)
This article shortly describes basic directory structore in the SD card, which is necessary to keep for correct operation of the transmitter.

How to connect the transmitter to the flight simulator

How to connect the transmitter to the flight simulator
Transmitter can be connected to pc flying simulator in several ways...
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