Let´s assume that your transmitter software update is at least 2.01 and the receiver version is at least  3.11. The receiver is in default settings.

  1. Pair the satellite receiver with the transmitter and switch it to „Clone“ mode. It is necessary to adjust the satellite receiver to „PPM positive“ or „PPM negative“ mode, its Fail-Safe setting must be completely forbidden for correct function.
  2. Pair the main receiver with the transmitter. Use standard transmitter mode here, it means „Double Path“ mode is not active.
  3. In the transmitter menu scroll to Timers/Senzors – Alarms. Here click on the Morse Code Alarms link and activate these alarms in the menu that appears.
  4. It is necessary to check that „S“ alarm code is enabled and also an audio file is assigned to it – in default setting „LOW_SIGN.WAV“.
  5. In Model – Device Explorer adjust Sat1 port (respectively Sat) in the main receiver (depending on the type of the receiver) to „PPM Input“ mode.
  6. Check the functionality – connect the satellite to Sat/Sat1 pin of the main receiver. If you disconnect the satellite now, the loss of the signal will be indicated by a sound alarm.