1. Is Duplex 2.4 GHz system compatible with other 2.4 GHz systems? 
No, all manufacturers have their own systems.

2. My transmitter is not in the list of transmitters.
The list is not complete. It is generally true that if you do not have exchangeable module compatible with Graupner/JR (Duplex TG) or Futaba/Hitec (Duplex TF), it is possible to use Duplex TU module, which is compatible with all transmitters.

3. Is it possible to install Duplex TU module into my transmitter?
Duplex TU module is suitable for transmitters that do not have exchangeable VF module. It is possible to install it into almost all transmitters. There are only two main requirements: The transmitter must be able to operate in PPM mode and there must be enough space for the module to be placed in the transmitter. If necessary, it is also possible to have Duplex TU in a box and have it fitted next to the transmitter.

4. Is it possible to have more receivers in the model? 
Yes, it is possible to use unlimited number of Duplex receivers at the same time. Duplex system transmits maximally 16 channels.  One of them has to be in normal mode (preset from production), others have to be in clone mode. Telemetry sensors have to be connected to receiver in normal mode. Receivers in clone mode do not have bi-directional communication. In these receivers it is necessary to match particular outputs to correct input channels (channles from the transmitter).

5. Receivers ran well before, but now it does not communicate and there is a problem to pair it . 
You have probably changed mode from normal to clone. In this mode receivers only receive and they do not transmit back. Connect JETIBOX directly to the receiver and check the setting.

6. How to pair the receivers? 
For a new receiver or a transmitter module it is necessary to make pairing. You can make it in two ways:

A) pairing with JETIBOX:

    1. connect JETIBOX directly to receiver to EXT. plug
    2. switch on power for the receiver
    3. according to attached manual find PAIRING and press button UP
    4. switch on transmitter
    5. transmitter module will make a note about pairing being finished

B) pairing with bind plug:

    1. put BIND PLUG in receiver to EXT. plug
    2. switch on power for receiver
    3. switch on transmitter
    4. transmitter module will make a note about finished pairing
    5. pull out BIND PLUG

7. How to set Fail safe?
First it is necessary to globally allow Fail safe mode in the main setting of the receiver in Signal Fault item. Usually the Repeat mode is set, which means repeating the last correctly received figure. By pushing left/right buttons it is necessary to set Fail safe. By setting Fail safe Delay it is possible to set the time between the loss of signal and switching outputs to Fail safe figures. Now it is necessary to set Fail safe figures for individual outputs. It is done in the menu in Out Pin Set. In "Set Output Pin" it is possible to choose specific output (Y1 to Y8 e.g. at R8) by means of left/right buttons. Use the arrow down to find "Fail Safe Yx", where "x" is a specific chosen output, and by means of left/right buttons set the required figure of the ouput. It is necessary to set all the ouputs of the receiver this way.

8. Two receivers in the model - recommened process of setting.
If two or more receivers are used in a model, just and only one has to be in Normal mode, other receivers must be switched over to Clone mode.
We recommend to follow this process of setting:
- pair the receiver that will later be switched to Clone mode, set necessary parameters in the receiver, switch the receiver to Clone mode, and swith off everything
- pair (main) receiver, set neseccary parameters in the receiver and switch off everything
First start-up after pairing:
- switch on the transmitter
- switch on the receiver in the Clone mode
- switch on the main receiver
In following start-ups the process is arbitrary.


Duplex EX

1.   What are advantages of Duplex EX product line?

The products of DUPLEX  EX line enable to display and record telemetric data from more sensors at the same time. The products are also ready for JETIBOX PROFI functions and for JETI model transmitters.


2. Is new Duplex EX compatible with the older version of Duplex?

Yes, all the products are mutually compatible.


3. Is it possible to upgrade Duplex to Duplex EX?

The Duplex products whose firmaware versions are possible to be displayed with JETIBOX are possible to upgrade to Duplex EX using USB adaptor.


4. Where to get the upgrade?

Upgrade is possible to download at Downloads section


5. How to find what version of specific product is included in the upgrade?

The list of the versions included in the upgrade is displayed on pages where it is possible to get them.


6. Is to possible to alter the language version of the upgrade?

No, after upgrading the original language version is still preserved.


7. Is it necessary to upgrade to the latest version?

Only this way you make your product always up-to-date, including the latest functions and improvings.


8. What do I need to upgrade to Duplex EX?

You need USB adaptor and download the program with the latest firmware from our webpages.



1. How to dipslay the data from MGPS senzor?

You can display GPS data e.g. at www.gpsvisualizer.com

The driver for USB adaptor is to be found at www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm