Q: Why does the application speak to me as Stephen Hawking? 

A: For reports and alarms, voice synthesis is implicitly used. In case your phone/tablet does not have data for the use of the synthesis, it should automatically switch from the use synthesis to reports that are recorded directly in the application. In some cases the telephone/tablet does not have data for the use of synthesis, but the RCDroidBox application does not receive this information (as is the case for Samsung Galaxy SIII ). In these cases the switch to prepared reports is not realized, resulting in a distorted voice output. In this case you can disable the application to use the synthesis by the following choice.

Settings -> Alarms/Reports -> Do not use voice synthesis

In the application there are recorded data for Czech, English, and German languages.


Q: How do I save only a selected part of the graph? 

A: The selection is made via swipe down (quickly swipe your finger across the chart from the top to the bottom) - the beginning of the selection, swipe up – the end of the selection (in case the beginning or the end of the selection is not set, the beginning/end of the graph is considered the beginning/end of the selection). The actual saving you make through Menu -> Save Selection.

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGURw14r7vI


Q: Is it necessary to power supply the DroidBox from a separate battery, or is it possible to use the battery of the transmitter?

A: The RCDroidBox must be powered only from a separate battery for the safety reasons. JETI modules are used by owners of many kinds of RC sets from different manufacturers. Each set has a different internal architecture and to consider the consequences of the common power supply of both systems, we would have to assess each type individually.

We strongly recommend sticking to the prescribed connection of the RCDroidBox when installing. We believe that the new possibilities brought by the use of the RCDroidBox balance the worries about the additional battery. RCDroidBox is also fitted with features that ensure user comfort even when running on a separate power supply. It is a voltage monitoring, adjustable alarm, smart LiPo protection, and sleep mode.