JETI Studio Lua apps repository

The JETI Studio version 1.1 offers the ability to automatically manage Lua applications. These can be installed, uninstalled and updated with a few simple steps. The apps are stored at a single repository on the web site.


If you are an author of an interesting application for the DC/DS transmitters and would like to publish it through the JETI Studio application manager, you can send the app to jeti[at] in the format described below. We will check the app and publish it afterwards.


What must the application contain for publication via JETI Studio?

  1. The main application file with the extension .lua or .lc. We prefer compiled applications (.lc) which greatly saves available RAM.
  2. The app file name should be unique and should not exceed 10 characters (+ suffix) to display the application name correctly on the transmitter. 
  3. No global variables are allowed in the application due to possible collisions while running multiple applications at the same time. Create all variables with the local keyword.
  4. If you are using other software libraries that make a part of the application, place them in a folder with the same name as the application filename. Each application is independent and shared application libraries are not supported.
  5. An application archive must contain the Apps.csv definition file, which determines files and text descriptions used by the application. The Apps.csv uses UTF-8 encoding.
  6. An application archive should also contain a simple HTML description and an application icon. We highly recommend this.
  7. An application license should support free distribution through the Internet. If the license is not present, this is automatically assumed.


Structure of the application archive



Format of the Apps.csv file

The Apps.csv file contains a list of applications stored in the given folder. Each line contains a description of a single application. The data are separated by a semicolon, the format is as follows: 


{"en":"Artificial Horizon", "cz":"Umělý horizont", "de":"Künstlicher Horizont", "fr":"Artificial Horizon"}; JETI model; "1.0"; 674, 675, 676, 677, 678, 679; 13-11-2017; {"en":"Horizon/Horizon-en.html", "cz": "Horizon/Horizon-cz.html", "de":"Horizon/Horizon-en.html", "fr":"Horizon/Horizon-en.html"};, Horizon;logo.png;"4.23"



Item Example Description
1 {"en":"Artificial Horizon", "cz": "Umělý horizont", "de": "Künstlicher Horizont", "fr": "Artificial Horizon"} Application name in supported languages ​​(JSON format, no semicolon must appear in the name)
2 JETI model Application author
3 "1.0" Text description of the version
4 674,675,676,677,678,679,680

Comma-separated list of supported transmitters, each code represents the  transmitter type:

674: DC-16
675: DS-16
676: DS-14
677: DC-14
678: DC-24
679: DS-24
680: DS-12

5 13-11-2017 Date of publication
6 {"en":"Horizon/Horizon-en.html", "cz": "Horizon/Horizon-cz.html", "de": "Horizon/Horizon-en.html", "fr": "Horizon/Horizon-en.html"} Links to help&description files in HTML format. The links are in JSON format and must refer to the relative path.
7,Horizon Comma-separated list of files and folders that are included in the application. In this case, the file (main application) and content of the Horizon folder will be installed on the transmitter SD card.
8 logo.png The relative path to the application icon. It should be in JPG or PNG format at 64 x 64px resolution.
9 "4.23" The text version of the minimal transmitter version.


The Apps.csv file uses UTF-8 encoding.



HTML description file format

The description file uses simplified formatting, as specified here under supported HTML subset.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Artificial Horizon</title>
<h1>Artificial Horizon</h1>
<p><img src="img/Horizon6.png" alt="Artificial Horizon"></p>
<p>The application displays an Artificial horizon on the transmitter
main screen. This app is useful in connection with Assist receivers</p>

<p>Based on dandys a Marco Ricci.</p>
<p>You can download the source code from the official
<a href="">JETImodel Lua-Apps GitHub</a>.



Note: JETI model s.r.o. takies no responsibility for third-party applications. Usage of these applications is at the sole responsibility of each user.