Starting the stopwatch when the motor is switched on

Start of the timer after switching the engine on is one of the basic equipment of every modern transmitter ...

Setup of F3B model, Part 4: Timers and Telemetry

This guide serves as a help for quick setup of a classic sailplane model, taking into consideration demands of competition models F3B. Stinger model has served as an illustrative example. In the article use of transmitter in mode 1 is supposed, i. e. throttle stick on the right and SW version of the transmitter at least 2.01.

Timers and their display on the screen are presented in this article.

Format of Timers sound notification

Format of  Timers sound notification
DC-16 and DS-16 transmitters enable to create many timers or stopwatches. For these timers and stopwatches sound alarms are frequently convenient (e.g. audible countdown before expiration of specified time or current reporting every minute)..
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