It is advisable to have a special timer for each race task. These timers will report the countdown to the end. In the menu Timers/Sensors – Timers create a new timer named „Distance“ – then it will be adjusted to 4 minutes and will be signalled acoustically (Voice report type). The Sg switch is provided to activate it.

The second timer will be created in a similar way – this one is named „Thermic“ and is adjusted to a voice countdown of 10 minutes.

Both timers will be used for the countdown of a specific task.

4-1-TimerDistance 4-2-TimerTherm



Telemetry, displaying the information on the main screen

Configuration of the data displayed on the main screen is carried out in the menu item Timers/sensors – Displayed Telemetry It is possible to select from many parametres (see the picture). In case you want to get more information displayed than can fit on one screen, you will be able to switch between the screens (pushbuttons F2 and F3 on the main screen). Setting „Double“ parametr will double the space occupied by the telemetry panel.

4-3-Displayed 4-4-MainScreen

In Timers/sensors - Main screen menu item you can in the end assign any (e.g. three-postion) switch, which will be used for comfortable scrolling between telemetry screens.


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