1. In Fine tuning/Flight modes – Free mixes create a mix from pitch function also to the function of the pitch. Adjust any value for the purpose of testing (eg. 30%).
  2. In the same menu create another mix Pitch -> Pitch, now the main value will be -30% (exactly negated value of the first mix) and the input delay will be symmetrically about 0,3-0,5s.
  3. Check the reaction on pitch stick.

Function of this kind of mixing is as follows: The first mix adds certain deflection to the pitch function depending on the position of its stick. Accessible total deflection on the servos increases. On the contrary the second mix subtracts this increased deflection (with a delay), which causes temporary increased deflection on the output during fast changes of stick moves and gradually decreases to normal.

HELI-PitchPump HELI-PitchPump2 HELI-PitchPump3