1. Make sure that the latest software version is installed in your PC (currently V2.01).
  2. We recommend updating also firmware of the receiver, though this step is not necessary.
  3. In the transmitter in System – Configuration menu item set „Transmit Frequency“ to 100Hz.
  4. In the receiver setting (either via „Device Explorer“ application or via JETIBOX) set groups of all the outputs so that they are maximally in „A-C“ range.
  5. In the receiver setting adjust the period of the output to „Auto“, eventually „By Transmitter“.


  • Receivers in 3.11 version and newer ones have a default setting of the output period of 17ms to ensure reliable operation of analogue servos that are not able to accept signal with shorter period. In case you use digital servos, set the output period to „Auto“. In this version the servo outputs are adjusted for using groups „A-C“ only.
  • Receivers with older versions operate in default setting with the output period of 20ms. In this case adjust the output period to „By Transmitter“. It is necessary to alter all the outputs via JETIBOX so that only groups „A-C“ are used.  Device Explorer application is not available in older versions.

More information are to be found in instruction manuals for each version of receivers.