Connection directly via USB connector

DC/DS transmitters act as standard 8 axis joysticks after being connected to PC, thus it is possible to control simulators, such as MS Flight Simulator, FMS, AccuRC or AeroFly Professional Deluxe.


(Note: A direct connection using a USB cable is not possible for simulators that need a special HW key (dongle) that acts like a converter PPM - USB. This applies to simulators like Real Flight, Reflex XTR or Aerofly 5.)



Connection via integrated PPM output

Use PPM2Jack interconnection that occurs in two types for different simulators (stereo for Phoenix, and mono for the others). Lead  the connector of this interconnection (type Jack 3,5mm) out of the transmitter case instead of any switch.

JMS-DC-KPPM-B PPM to Jack link TX - Tx Black, Mono
JMS-DC-KPPM-R PPM to Jack link TX - Tx Red



Red jack (stereo), black jack (mono)


Scheme of installation in the transmitter




Wireless connection via JETI Rsat2 module

This module offers a PPM output, which can be used as an input for control impulses for the simulator. In this case the satellite receiver must be powered by separate battery and it is also necessary to adjust mutual interconnection of Rsat2 module and USB converter of the simulator.

This is a recommended procedure of connecting the transmitter to  Aerofly 5 or similar simulators.