First, pair both REX receivers with the JETI DC / DS transmitter in "Double path" mode.

In the primary receiver (A), leave the servo outputs in the basic channel settings. In the "alternative pin configuration", set pin E1 to EX Bus (output) and pin E2 to EX Bus input/backup. Use the identical settings of pins E1 and E2 in the secondary receiver (B). In this way you will have E1 as EX Bus (output) and E2 as EX Bus input/backup on both REX receivers.


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Set the receiver outputs ("channel mapping") in the secondary receiver (B) as shown in the figure below.

If we use inputs/outputs E1 and E2 for mutual backup of two REX12 receivers, we will have 22 servo outputs.


This connection is of course very specific and if you need more than 12 servo outputs, we recommend using our Central Boxes 210/220 or 400.