New Features of version 5.03:

  1. Support for DC-16 II.
  2. Added the latest device definitions for sensors, Central Box 210, 220.
  3. Reworked logical switches menu. Added new logical conditions and delays:
    • |X| > constant, |X| < constant, X = constant, X ~ constant (equals approximately).
    • Condition: XOR (just one of the two swithes must be active exclusively).
    • Condition: A <=> B (Toggle switch - first switch activates the Log. output, second switch deactivates the Log output).
    • Condition: A > B, A < B, A = B - compares the values of the both switch inputs.
    • Added delay for switch activation and deactivation (optional delay ramp or step).

Modifications of version 5.03:

  1. DC-16: fixed reboot in the alarm menu.
  2. Sound of proportional controls now works again.
  3. DS-24: fixed gyro axes alignment.
  4. Vibration setting for the timer is now saved correctly (Vibration yes/no in the timer settings).
  5. If a timer is selected as an input control, the input hysteresis is disabled.

New Features (5.02):

  1. Support for DS-12.
  2. Added the latest device definitions for sensors, speed controllers, REX Assist, REX.
  3. Added contextual help and complete structured manual (DC/DS-24 and DS-12) which is available through Applications – Help menu. Updated function of the Menu button:
    • Short press: launches the contextual help if available.
    • Long press: returns to the desktop screen.
  4. Added File Browser in the Applications menu.
  5. Added new Lua libraries and functions – see Lua API reference 1.5. Optimized Lua runtime with faster memory management.
  6. Automatic inputs/controls conversion when copying model files between different types of transmitters.
  7. Reworked Input Selection Dialog. Now it allows you to select additional inputs like channels, function outputs, flight modes, timers etc. It’s also possible to choose an arbitrary threshold value for on/off evaluation of proportional controls.
  8. Added trainer-over-PPM Jack.


Modifications (5.02):

  1. Default transmitter behavior on headphones/microphone insertion can be changed from “Always ask” to “Use internal microphone” or “Use external microphone” (System – Configuration).
  2. Fixed: Reading of the last sector of the SD card.
  3. DC/DS-24: Maximum number of items in the timer profile (TimerB1.jsn, TimerB2.jsn, TimerV.jsn,) has been increase from 30 to 80.
  4. If an unrecognized receiver is detected and then refused by the user, the transmitter automatically switches to the Model Selection dialog.
  5. DC/DS-24,DS-12: Screenshots are saved in PNG format. The image destination path is displayed after the screenshot is generated.
  6. Lua bytecode (*.LC files) is now transferrable between Linux/OSX and the transmitter.
  7. In Timer edit menu you can enable or disable voice or vibration reports if both are available in the timer report profile.


Please read the attached ReleaseNotes prior to performing any update. This document always includes the actual information given to the current version of firmware.  



Options available:


A basic firmware package for DC/DS-16 and DC/DS-14. It contains all functions known from these transmitter types except Lua extensions.  




For the experienced users, this option contains the same features as the Standard version. Furthermore, it brings the Lua extension language from DC/DS-24 to all JETI transmitters.  

A few basic applications are included in the Lua package.

The Lua apps can be managed via JETI Studio 1.1.

The only option for DS-12 and DC/DS-24



Update procedure for version 5.03 via JETI Studio:

  1. Download or update the JETI Studio to the latest version.
  2. Connect the transmitter and enable the USB file storage mode.
  3. Open the Device Explorer window of JETI Studio and wait until the transmitter appears. Double click it and select the option for updating the transmitter.
  4. Go through the wizard and when everything finishes, disconnect the transmitter.
  5. The update will start automatically after the transmitter reboots.

If you need for any reason the previous updates as well, they are available here: