Main loop in the program

The main loop is carried out repeatedly always in relation with the transmitting frequency. The main loop period can be set in the System>Configuration either on 50Hz or 100Hz (recommended). The specific routines (see below) are called from the main loop.



Update of flight modes output

This procedure is called for each flight function independently. It processes control inputs, carries out corrections according to set curves, exponentials, and dual rates. Individual steps of this procedure can be global for all flight modes or specific for each flight mode separately. 



Update of mixes output

The procedure is applied separately for each mix. The mix takes the actual value of the source function on the input and the condition of the assigned activation control. 



The final update of servos outputs

This procedure is in the end applied for each servo after carrying out all the above mentioned operations.  On the procedure input the resulting values of corresponding mixes are added to the value of the relevant function (both free and specific mixes - butterfly or delta/elevon). The final servo positions are sent directly to the receiver.