DC-16 a DS-16 transmitters do not have a preset menu for some specific features of models, however they offer a wide range of mixing. It is possible to set up to 20 independent mixes, in each of them you can alter parametres of individual flight modes and in addition you can control gain of mixes proportionally via any assigned driver. In this article basic mixes used for controlling unpowered model are presented.

1)      Linking ailerons and  the rudder – serves for smooth turns and is used mainly in thermic flying. Create a new mix from the funcion of ailerons to the function of a rudder. Under your consideration you can adjust the mix so that it is active only in Thermic flight mode - set activity of the mix to (S)eparate and then select a nonzero main value only in the Thermic mode (see the picture). Thus the mix is inactive in other flight modes.




2)      Snap Flap – mix of the elevator to the flaps. This mix is used when flying fast to reach very tight turns. Wing trailing surfaces move downwards appropriately with the upwards move of the elevator. Thus the wing can produce greater lift and the turn is tight with minimal loss of speed. It is necessary to set up two mixes in the transmitter (Elevator -> Ailerons and Elevator -> Flaps), both mixes will be active only in the Speed flight mode. In these mixes it is possible to set the „X<0“ type of curve so that the trailing surface does not move upwards when suppressing the elevator (only increase of the lift is demanded in a tight turn).

3-3-SnapFlap 3-4-Mix2



3)      Mix of the ailerons to the flaps. If you want the entire trailing surface to move synchronously when controlling the plane via ailerons, it is necessary to create a free mix from the ailerons to the flaps. Here you can also adjust simple three-point curve that has the meaning of mixed flaps (see the picture).

3-5-AilFlap 3-6-Mix3



4)      Smooth adjusting of trailing surfaces. In case you want to adjust the camber of the wing during the flight proportionally, it it is necessary to create two mixes from an addtional function P6 that has been created when setting up the model. These mixes are P6 -> Ailerons and P6 -> Flaps. Setup of the mix can be (S)eparate individually for each flight mode. To the function P6 a driver of the same name is assiggned, so in the result when turning P6 driver the ailerons move synchronously in the same direction.




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